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About Cliik

What started as a small ‘friends group’ volunteering in the area for over ten years, connecting local residents, making changes to local parks and creating safe spaces for people to meet has transformed into a sustainable community owned business providing:

  • a forum and a voice for local people
  • regeneration of old properties to provide affordable, sustainable housing for local people
  • safe, welcoming spaces where local families and people can relax and meet;
  • support and training to help people into employment
  • action to maintain and improve the local environment, streetscape and heritage
  • environmentally and ecologically sustainable approaches to urban regeneration which will both help address local poverty and unemployment  and create a sustainable future

Local residents have repeatedly told us that they want cleaner, safer  streets. Parents want green spaces where their children can play safely, facilities for families to meet, well-maintained parks, a community centre, and a youth club. People tell us that they want to see an end to the street drug dealing and users; they want the streets to be free from fly-tipping and overflowing bins.

High on the list is housing; local people with stories of how they are being forced to move out of the area because of a lack of affordable family housing; they want to stop the conversion of housing into small units, all rented out by the room, making it impossible for young couples starting out on their own lives to keep their roots in the area. Local residents told us that they want well-maintained housing available for families to rent at an affordable price unlike so much of what is currently being developed by landlords who invest in the area converting properties for maximum occupancy and maximum profit.

This is the gap that Cliik intends to fill!