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Green Spaces

We all know how connection with nature and the opportunity to sit a while in a green space can make a positive impact on our mental health and well-being. 


For many in Stonehouse, our green places have become areas of suspicion, hubs of anti-social behaviour; unwatched and uncared for. We want to reclaim these spaces, to celebrate the opportunity to sit for a while and hear bird-song, to watch our children playing on the grass, climbing, running and laughing.

We have already influenced developments in Neswick Street Park and Patna Park and are exploring what other areas can be reclaimed as green spaces for us all to enjoy and to connect with.

Could you be a Green Space Champion?

Could you be a Cliik ‘Green Space Champion’ working with us, leading and coordinating volunteers to bring a bit of love to our green spaces? Why not get in touch and talk to us.